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COMBATANT 'Witness To Destruction EP + Basemant tracks' cassette

*** SIDE ONE ***

01. Sheer Hell
02. Die On Your Knees
03. Protect and Serve
04. Are You Next?
05. Blind Trust
06. It's Too Late
07. Witness To Destruction
08. Torture Games
09. It Can Happen Here

*** SIDE TWO ***

01. It's Too Late
02. Are You Next?

03. No Security
(Chaos UK cover)
04. Can't Tell No One
(Negative Approach cover)
05. Instigate pt. 2

"For the songs on WTD, I wanted everything to be louder, noisier, more brash. Trying to find a way to mix that loose and totally unhinged attack of bands like Disorder and Chaos UK with a little of that early 80s US precision ala Poison Idea or Battalion of Saints. And then a little Varukers and Mau Mau’s on top of that. The 7” had songs like “Powerless” and “T.P.T.B.” which are basically Negative Approach chord progressions but with a heavy dose of ride and crash cymbals through the whole song, instead of just in one part. I knew that whatever songs we did after the 7” had to follow in that vein. Think “Power” by AF, but faster and somehow more dumb.When we recorded the 12” songs, there was only one guitar track, so all the solos are live and abusive sounding and Matt played his bass through a guitar combo amp. Time was also an influence – we’d been sitting on the bulk of the songs for way longer than I personally like to and at least half of the songs were already in the live set so we just tried to nail each track down as fast as possible. I’m not a fan of hanging out all day in the studio meticulously working through each little part. There are definitely things we could’ve done over again or fixed this last time but we’re all happy with how it came out." Combatant fanzine

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